The Warm Heart of Africa

The other day as we were travelling to the outskirts of Mumbai for a lovely monsoon drive, my mother changed the tempo of the ambience in the car from the soft music playing on the radio to her excited exclamation of delight at seeing a write-up about Malawi in a popular tabloid. Indians by origin, my parents have been living in the city of Blantyre in Malawi for the last couple and little more years. I have also had the privilege of living in this tucked away country for a year and a half while fulfilling my stint as a retailer. So seeing Malawi in print here in India translated to utter joy. The delight didn’t take long to turn into disappointment as my eyes scrolled the article. Not only was it out of focus, it was heavily misinforming.

That’s is when I decided to open that heavy trunk which is loaded with ideas and experiences but has been locked away. My love for travel writing has to be dusted out of that attic and journaled.

For starters I will play lazy and post a travelogue I wrote for (women travellers must browse through this one). You don’t need a crystal-ball gazer to tell you that this one is about Malawi.

More pieces about other countries and different regions in India to follow.

Here’s the link:


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