Woman: A journey from the Womb to the Woes

My knowledge of the Holy Scriptures is limited. What I know is through the moral science classes, books and mainly the values instilled by my parents. We are told, ‘do good and good shall seek you’. As I grew older, I heard of karma. But each of those learnings stands as a big question mark after the much publicised ‘Delhi Gang Rape’ case as I hear of this innocent girl’s life collapse to the hands of beastly rapists.

I refuse to call her a brave heart or a martyr. She is not. She was a regular girl who wanted to live. Who fought till her last breath to get back to her normal life – study, watch movies with friends, etc. I cannot think of anything she could have done in the short span of life that would justify even one percent of what she went through in those 40 minutes and the days after.

She was in my prayer every day. I sincerely hoped she lived. But there was a bigger worry – what if she survived? Apart from the acceptance of her situation physically and psychologically, would the media let her be? Would they hound her every move? Would this be a political gimmick whereby prominent leaders would visit her and felicitate her such that she would not even be given a chance to let the memory of the horrific incident lighten its shade in her memory?

My conscience tells me to join the vigil on Carter Road. But on a practical note, do I want to be a face in the crowd that the media asks, ‘what are your demands from the government?’ and then become a news file that will gather dust till the next case emerges. No. I want action. Not just in the form of governmental awakening or constitutional amends but also in every home, in every mind.

For one minute if we could put our angst against the government aside we would see that this isn’t about Delhi v/s Mumbai statistics, this is not about vehicles with black films, this is also not about man and his brutalities on women. It is about the mindset of each person who conducts himself in this atrocious and ghastly manner. No doubt we need laws to protect every vulnerable and exposed citizen which will set a precedent to every person with wrong intentions. But let us also set a precedent of reforms in our homes – rich or poor. Don’t just teach children the Gayatri Mantra or the Hail Mary, teach them to respect women. If you see a helpless woman on the street, help her instead of walking on. Let adolescent students in every school not just learn about reproduction but also responsible conduct as procreating beings.

This goes out for every child abused by a parent, every woman battered by a mother-in-law (unfortunately also a woman), a wife whose husband thinks it’s his birthright to talk to her in a loud voice.

I believe in the victory of good over evil. I do.


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